With more than 30 years of experience, the Aircargo Services Hannover GmbH (ASH) offers the best service in providing you with tailored solutions for your charter flights from and to Hanover. 

We have the perfect solution for you, be it a short-haul flight or an urgent larger project involving B747s or An124s. 

Your advantages: 

  • lump sum including handling and airport charges (cargo handling, ramp service, cargo operations, airport fees)
  • apron supervision 
  • state-of-the-art safety standards for export cargo
  • IATA DGR checks and customs 
  • handling of any kind of cargo including oversized cargo
  • one price all inclusive 
  • one contact for all the matters 
  • 3800m CAT III 
  • Hannover Airport – 24 h operations
  • equiptment for each type of aircraft (including high loaders and forklift trucks for loads of up to 14t)
  • short distances ensure a short and efficient turnover

Contact - Charter

 Jörg Nussbaum
Tel +49 (0)511 977-2198
Fax +49 (0)511 977-2377

  • staff qualified according to IATA personnel category 6
  • IATA DGR checks & initial checks
  • special storage facilities for RRY
  • handling of goods under all Hazardous Goods classifications (1 - 9)
  • creation of Shippers Declarations
  • creation of ADR transport documents
  • skill enhancement programs for your company
  • consolidation of shipments 
  • consolidation of throughput units 

Contact - Hazardous Goods

David Corkett
Tel +49 (0)511 977-2730
Fax +49 (0)511 977-2377

The ASH offers customized solutions for warehousing, distribution and consolidation of your shipment. Our experience of 20 years and counting within the supplier industry (automotive sector) as well as in processing and handling mail, in packaging, labeling, marking and palettizing are reflected in the high proficiency of our operations. 

  • creation of waybills
  • haulage
  • neutral partner in optimizing your process chain
  • tailored safety concepts (storage and checks of x-ray and ETD according to current laws and regualtions)
  • warehouse with no access for unauthorized persons (according to LBA requirements)
  • consolidated shipments
  • door-to-door delivery










Contact - Warehousing
David Corkett
Tel +49 (0)511 977-2730
Fax +49 (0)511 977-2377

You can take advantage of the AHS's own trucking network throughout entire Europe. Scheduled HGVs from and to HAJ connect Hanover with all major hubs in Europe. Entire HGVs or partial space onboard an HGV to and from every of our European destinations are available. 


Your advantages:

  • door-to-door solutions
  • factory collection
  • haulage
  • we exclusively utilize safe vehicles according to air safety regualtions

Scheduled HGV traffice from and to HAJ

Hanover - Frankfurt

Monday - Friday from 21:00 hrs

Hanover - Amsterdam

Monday - Friday from 21:00 hrs
Hanover - Düsseldorf Monday - Friday from 21:00 hrs
Hanover - Münster/Osnabrück Monday - Friday from 21:00 hrs
Hanover - Luxembourg Monday - Friday from 20:30 hrs
Hanover - Berlin Tegel Monday - Friday from 20:00 hrs
Hanover - Liège Wednesday - Friday from 19:30 hrs
Hanover - Brussels Wednesday - Friday from 19:30 hrs
Hanover - Cologne Monday - Friday from 20:00 hrs
Hanover - Hamburg Monday - Friday from 10:00 hrs
Frankfurt - Hanover Sunday - Thursday from 23:30 hrs
Düsseldorf - Hanover Tuesday - Friday from 01:00 hrs
Berlin Tegel - Hanover Monday - Friday from 08:00 hrs

Subject to change.

Contact - Trucking
Jörg Nussbaum
Tel +49 (0)511 977-2198
Fax +49 (0)511 977-2377

Aircargo Services Hannover GmbH (ASH)

Heinz-Peter-Piper-Str. 8
30855 Langenhagen